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2018 Gorontalo ICPM "Emerging Technology & Business Innovation in the Global World"

The 2018 Gorontalo ICPM was successfully held on November 24th-25th in Gorontalo, North Sulawesi, Indonesia. It carried out "EmergingTechnology & Business Innovation in the Global World" theme and aimed to bring together academicians, researchers, industrial participants and budding students around the world to share their research findings with the international business experts. 

The conference was attended by lecturers and researchers from several universities and several countries. The papers will go to scopus and non scopus journals. 2018 Gorontalo ICPM was organized by Gorontalo State University (UNG), AIBPM and PT. Telkom. The speakers who presented their topics were:

1. Prof. Majdi Anwar Quttainah from Kuwait University
2. Prof. Dr. Md. Mamun Habib from BRAC University
3. Dr. Scott Hipsher from Webster University Thailand.

It was such a successful conference. The participants and speakers enjoyed their days during the conference. They have done such a really great thi…

The Second Annual Research Symposium Best Paper

The second annual research symposium took place on Wednesday October 31, 2018. The symposium was established in 2017 and is administered by the CBA, Kuwait University. During the symposium many researchers participated in the symposium and the activities marked an end at 3:00pm. During the wrap up and conclusion session, the best paper award was granted to the distinguish faculty member Professor Majdi Anwar Quttainah. 

Prof. Madji Anwar Quttainah (the one on the left) is one of the AIBPM honorable members and have contributed many of knowledges and also experiences to the association.
Congratulations to Prof. Majdi Anwar Quttainah!