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AIBPM Published An Article to Utopia Journal (Scopus Q2)

AIBPM Published An Article to Utopia Journal (Scopus Q2) In the middle of 2020, Association of International Business and Professional Management once again has successfully published an article to Utopia Journal which indexed in Scopus Q2. The article was collaboration between Satia Nur Maharani (State University of Malang), Sihhabudin (State University of Malang), Setya Ayu Rahmawati (State University of Malang), and Liem Gai Sin (University of Ma Chung). The article's title was " Reconstruction of Islamic Banking Performance Measurement Models: A Critical Thought ". After passing through review process, Utopia found the paper is interesting and deserves a publication to Utopia Journal so they choose this paper to be published in Scopus Q2 indexed Journal. The article was published on May 15 2020. the paper can be accessed here: On behalf of Association of International Busin