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AIBPM's Visit to The Sages Institute, International

Last February, AIBPM made a visit to The Sages Institute, International, in Surabaya. The purpose of the visit was to socialize the AIBPM's Worldwide Hospitality Internship Program. AIBPM has collaborated with many International Institute and Culinary School regarding to the internship program, including The Sages Institute, International, Surabaya.

In the collaboration, AIBPM had helped the students of the International Institute to many 4-5 starred hotels in France, USA, Australia, Thailand, China and many other countries.
You may get the information regarding the internship here:

President of AIBPM meets Mayor of Malang City

on Friday, March 13th 2020, the President of AIBPM, Liem Gai Sin, Ph.D meets the Mayor of Malang City, Drs. H. Sutiaji. The meeting points at special invitation to Drs. H. Sutiaji to attend and open the ceremony of 2020 Malang International Conference of Project Management (ICPM) that will be held this August.

Drs. H. Sutiaji agrees to attend and open the Internation Conference of Project Management (ICPM) and he felt thrilled there will be an International Conference in Malang city for this event will bring many benefits to many people. At that moment, President of AIBPM also met the Vice Dean of Faculty of Economy, Malang State University Dr. Puji Handayati, S.E, M.M, Ak., CA., C.MA as Malang State University will be the main co-host of 2020 Malang ICPM