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Scopus Journals Publication Clinic in Gorontalo

AIBPM once again held a publication clinic for Scopus journals and and International Book. This time, AIBPM held the publication clinic at Gorontalo State University. The clinic was on December 17th-18th. The speaker of the clinic is Mr. Liem Gai Sin, Ph.D, he explained about the Scopus Journals especially Journal of International Students. He also explained about the topic and sub topic about the journals and the journal template.

The clinic was attended by 20 people. They are master and doctoral students and lecturers of Gorontalo State University. The outcome that they point at is Scopus Journals (Journals of International Students).

The participants found the publication clinic was very interesting and beneficial. They hope AIBPM will hold another publication clinic in Gorontalo State University soon next year.