Nusantara Project Winter 2019

The 2019 winter's Nusantara Project has completed perfectly. The project is followed by 336 students university students all over the world.

The Nusantara Project is a Client-based Virtual Collaboration project which provides an
opportunity to student to generate a business idea for the company. Nusantara Project is underpinned by the desire to enhance university students learning in Indonesia particularly
and students in around the world.
As the current business is moving to Asia so this Nusantara Project focuses on Asia
Companies. All the companies that involved in this project are the real companies that willing
to be a case study. The company are expected to commit to provide students with necessary
information that is needed for the Nusantara Project.
In this Nusantara Project, students will learn together as an international team. Working in
teams of 3-5 students for about 2 months, students will develop a market research paper that
benefits for academic and also industry. Student will write a market research paper that
details their analysis, economic feasibility of their business idea or solution and provides
conclusion of the current situation or for its implementation. The market research report
sections closely follow topics covered in a typical Business textbook. The project is an
integrated part of the Business/Management course where the students are enrolled in and
constitutes maximum 50 percent of the course grade.
Participation in the project is completely free and all necessary materials and infrastructure
are provided. We suggest representative for each team and especially the lecturer could
submit the paper to ICPM (International Conference of Project Management) that will be held
in Bali, Indonesia as a speaker or non-speaker participants.

This winter's Nusantara Project is followed by many universities all over the world such as Universiti Sains Malaysia (Malaysia), Kuwait University (Kuwait), ABES Engineering College (India), SIES: College of Management Studies (India), and CMS Business School (India).

 (Nusantara Project's Participants from ABES Engineering College India)
  (Nusantara Project's Participants from ABES Engineering College India)
 (Nusantara Project's Participants from Universiti Sains Malaysia)
International New Venture class, School of Management (Universiti Sains Malaysia)


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