AIBPM has Published Articles to International Journal - IJABIM

By the end of 2020, Association of International Business and Professional Management has published 10 papers in International Journal (International Journal of Applied Business and International Management (IJABIM) Vol 5, No 3 on December, 2020. 

Please cite the papers if they are relevant to your studies. 

1. Bagas Dwi Pratomo, Zainal Arifin. (2020). The Effect of School Principal’s Servant Leadership of Vocational Schools in Temanggung Regency, 1-12.

2. Yeni Risdayanti, Christine Winstinindah Sandroto. (2020). The Effect of Job Satisfaction and Gender on the Relationship between Employee Engagement and Intention to Leave in PT X: A Moderated Mediation Analysis, 13-22.

3. Jenny N. Kaligis. (2020). Lifestyle and Consumers’ Choice of Laundry Services in Manado City: An Empirical Study, 23-29.

4. I Gusti Putu Diva Awatara, Anwar Hamdani, Linda Nur Susila, Endang Saryanti. (2020). The Role of Marketing Capability, Operations Capability, Management Practices and Environmental Investment on Agro-Industrial Environmental Performance, 30-34.

5. I Gede Cahyadi Putra, Desy Wedasari, Gusti Ayu Putu Wulan Rahmasari. (2020). The Effect of Intellectual Capital and Corporate Governance on The Performance of Village Credit Institutions, 35-40.

6. Ivan Rahmat Santoso, Molbi Harsanto, Ismet Sulila, Agil Bahsoan. (2020). Risk Management of Musyarakah Mutanaqisah Contract in Sharia Banks in Indonesia: Legal and Operational Issues, 41-50.

7. Very L.H Rembang, Judy M. Tumewu, Jolyanis Lainawa. (2020). Analysis of North Sulawesi’s Beef Cattle Farming Empowerment Strategy with Websites, 51-62.

8. Muhammad Aiman Bin Mohd Farid, Daisy Mui Hung Kee, Muhammad Saifulhaq Bin Mohamad, Muhammad Sharizul Ukasha Bin Hameem, Ahmad Zulfahmi Bin Zulkafli. (2020). The Role of Leadership and Leaders’ Behavioral Characteristic on Employees: A Study of Petronas Berhad, 63-68.

9. Ihsanul Windasari, Puji Handayati, Cipto Wardoyo. (2020). Accounting from Chinese Entrepreneur Perspectives.

10. Daisy Mui Hung Kee, Tiveeya Sri Saravanan, Sharnitra Sridaran, Syazwina Syahrin, Tulasii Rajandran, Jiale Tian, Huayan Zhang. (2020). Creating A Better Competitive Edge Through Environmental Sustainability: A Case Study of Panasonic.


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