AIBPM’s Accepted Articles for the Scopus Indexed Journal Publication

 The Association of International Business and Professional Management (AIBPM) always tries to bridge the lecturers and researchers to publish their articles in credible journals, and recently, the AIBPM has succeeded to make these four papers accepted for the publication in a Scopus indexed journal:

1. Business Performance and Implementation of Total Quality Management: A Case Study in Indonesia. Sri Dewi Anggadini, Surtikanti Surtikanti, Asep Saepudin, Dean Subhan Saleh. Volume 8 Issue 5, May 30, 2021.

2. The Effect of E-Commerce Capabilities on Firm Performance: An Empirical Study in Indonesia. Ivan Triyogo Priambodo, Sasmoko Sasmoko, Sri Bramantoro Abdinagoro, Agustinus Bandur. Volume 8 Issue 6, June 30, 2021.

3. Determinants of Dividend Policy: An Empirical Study of Consumer Goods Firms in Indonesia. Chandra Setiawan, Vivien Vivien. Volume 8 Issue 6, June 30, 2021.

4. Customer Perception of E-Service Quality: An Empirical Study in Indonesia. Muhammad Asril Arilaha, Johan Fahri, Irfandi Buamonabot. Volume 8 Issue 6, June 30, 2021.

Congratulations to the authors!
We’re glad to help you for your further research.


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