AIBPM as Co-Host of International Conference in India

Closing the end of 2019, AIBPM became an important part of the implementation of the 2019 ICOBMIT - International Conference on Business, Management and Information Technology organized by the Prestige Institute of Management in Gwalior, India. The conference was held on 28-30 December 2019, and AIBPM took an important role by co-hosting the event.
Director of the Prestige Institute of Management, Dr. S. S. Bhaskar explained that with this conference, the Prestige Institute of Management will again add milestones for Educators, industry experts, and for Researchers.
Through this international conference, professors related to educational institutions will gain knowledge about new facts related to various types of social, management, and research.
And they will get the chance to present the results of their research.


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