AIBPM has Published Papers in Scopus Journal

As the year of 2019 has ended,  Association of International Business and Professional Management has published 20 papers in Scopus Journal (International Journal of Innovation, Creativity, and Change – IJICC) Q-3 Vol 9 Issue 5 and Vol 9 Issue 6. The published papers were from the conference that AIBPM held in Bali on April 5-6 2019. The wait of the authors is finally over.

Please cite the papers if they are relevant to your studies.
1. Saifuddin Yunusa*, Suadi Zainalb, Fadli Jalilc.. (2020). Cooperation among Farming Stakeholders in Farmers Poverty Reduction in Aceh, 177-186.…/vol9iss5/9514_Yunus_2019_E_R.pdf

2. A A Gde Satia Utamaa*, Rafli Farid Basamalahb. (2020). Cash Fund Management Information System: Case Study at Al Irsyad Mosque Surabaya, 187-197.…/vol9iss5/9515_Utama_2019_E_R.pdf

3. A.A. Gde Satia Utamaa*, Deddy Kurniawansyahb, Panji Kusuma Prasetyantoc, Pending Puji Dwi Astutid, Yashinta Setyowatie, Romzi Kharisantof, and Eka Elmi Hikmawatig. (2020). The Realisation of Land Tax Revenue and Buildings Using Online Check Village Payment Supporting System (Case Study in Banyuwangi), 198-208.…/vol9iss5/9516_Utama_2019_E_R.pdf

4. Rofi Rofaidaa*, Suryanab, Ayu Krishna Yuliawatic. (2020). Developing Organisational Capacity in the Creative Industry to Improve Business Performance, 209-227.…/vol9iss5/9517_Rofaida_2019_E_R.pdf

5. Franky Frankya*, Thomas Budimanb. (2020). Aid Allocation Management for Disaster Victims at Palu City, Celebes Island, Indonesia (The 2018 Earthquake and Tsunami), 228-236.…/vol9iss5/9518_Franky_2019_E_R.pdf

6. Jajang Burhanudina*, Dwi Kartinib, Sucherlyc, Rita Komaladewid. (2020). Innovation, Competitive Advantage and Marketing Performance of Vocational Higher Education in Private Polytechnics in Indonesia, 237-251.…/vol9is…/9519_Burhanudin_2019_E_R.pdf

7. Christian Wiradendi Wolora*, Yetti Supriyatib, Dedi Purwanac. (2020). The Effect of Work Stress, Compensation and Motivation on the Performance of Sales People, 252-269.…/vol9iss5/9520_Wolor_2019_E_R.pdf

8. Theresia Aninditaa*, M Tirtana Siregarb. (2020). Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) for Selecting Freight Forwarder Services to Get Minimum Shipping Cost for Export Goods, 270-284.…/vol9iss5/9521_Anindita_2019_E_R.pdf

9. Anik Yuestia, I Nengah Sudjab, Tri Wahyuningsihc, Carmen Castro Mennesd. (2020). Correlation of Tax Behavior with Tax Compliance, 285-303.…/vol9iss5/9522_Yuestia_2019_E_R.pdf

10. Rianti Setiadia*, Frankyb. (2020). Variables That Distinguish the Levels of Trauma for the Victims of the Palu Earthquake, September 28, 2018, 304-313.…/vol9iss5/9523_Setiadi_2019_E_R.pdf

11. Silvy Judityaa*, Adang Suhermanb, Amung Ma’munc, Agus Rusdianad. (2020). Personalized System of Instruction (PSI) Models: Using Digital Teaching Materials on Learning, 314-324.…/vol9iss5/9524_Juditya_2019_E_R.pdf

12. Suadi Zainala*, Saifuddin Yunusb, Fadli Jalilc. (2020). Post-Conflict Peace Education in the Public Schools of East Aceh, Indonesia, 325-337.…/vol9iss5/9525_Zainal_2019_E_R.pdf

13. Yudin Citriadina*, Bambang Budi Wiyonob, Muhammad Hudac, Imron Arifind. (2020). The Influences of Teacher Performance in public High Schools in Indonesia, 25-41.

14. Zainal Arifina, Nazief Nirwantob, Abdul Mananc. (2020). Analysis of Bullying Effects on Job Performance Using Employee Engagement and Job Satisfaction as Mediation, 42-56.

15. Jilmi Astina Anifa*, Ernie Tisnawati Suleb, Hilmiana Yudo Martonoc, Sucherlyd. (2020). The Implementation of Resource-Based View in Enhancing the Reputation of Dive Operators to Increase Dive Tourist’s Trust in Indonesia, 57-71.

16. Makaryanawati. (2020). The Role of a Company Board in Emerging Markets, 72-88.…/vol9iss6/9605_Makarayanawati_E_R.pdf

17. Tulus Warsitoa, Ali Maksumb, Surwandonoc, Ratih Herningtyasd. (2020). Indonesia-Malaysia Tourism Relations from the Perspective of Foreign Policy, 89-100.

18. Eddy Winarsoa*, Veronica Christinab. (2020). Corporate Social Responsibility as an Amplifier on the Effect of Profitability on the Company Value (Study of Companies Listed in the Sri Kehati Index from 2012 to 2016), 101-115.

19. Syamsu Rijala, Murdiani Sukaranab, Muh. Zainuddin Badollahic*, Haryanto Halimd. (2020). The Role of Income Audit against the Internal Control at Hotel Gammara Makassar, 116-125.

20. Puji Handayatia*, Shadi Emad. A. Alhalehb. (2020). Analysing Managerial Accounting Information System of Islam Malang Hospital and Defining its Important Role to Serve the Indonesian community, 126-137.

Once again, congratulations for the authors!



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